Our new services is to  provide streetview data collection using streetview 360°  car camera. The Camera System is a complete solution for fixed mounting. This ready-to-use 360°  degree panorama GPS Camera System is ideal for your professional imaging needs. The Applied Streetview Camera System is the turn-key solution for 360°  degree panorama surveys and documentation. It helps your decision making processes such as

• Inventories

• Maintenance procedures

• Quality control

• Documentation of state of construction

• Construction planning

• Documentation of construction

• Environmental impact studies

The Applied Streetview Camera System is a complete solution that includes all steps from recording to display. No additional parts or development is needed. The camera records at a 30 Megapixel resolution and at 7 frames per second. Three recording modes are available: Release by distance, time and manually. Coverage is 360x160 degree, that is the whole world except the cars rooftop. The included GNSS receiver covers 4 independent GPS systems for high accuracy mapping all over the world. A dedicated hardware leveling sensor compensates for the camera leaning during recording. When processing each panorama is automatically leveled and fully georeferenced with Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Direction, GPS date and time and local date and time. Panoramas therefore work with virtually all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions.

Have your own staff doing the recording is the most flexible and cost-effective way. You are in total control of who records what when where and how often.

Our Online Recording Management service provides a real-time overview of the recording progress. See all your cameras positions and tracks on a map and check the status. Your recording manager even can remote control the cameras from his office.