Over the past sixteen years Sky-Shine Corp. has developed proven data conver-sion and quality control processes that ensure we deliver accurate and complete GIS data to our clients on time and on budget.

At Sky-Shine we can convert or might your source data into any GIS Platform from



• Hardcopy Maps


• GIS Data Format (ESRI Format / MapInfo Format)


• AutoCAD Drawings


• Field Records and Notes


• GPS Data

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  • map layers.png

Our In-house tools Safe Software’s FME technology is the only true spatial ETL (extract, transform and load) platform that helps you easily solve the complete spectrum of data interoperability challenges, including managing proprietary and evolving data formats, adapting to new schemas and lack of standards and dif culties accessing, restructuring, integrating and distributing data.FME provides support for over 250 GIS, CAD, raster and database formats to let you seamlessly translate, transform, integrate and distribute your spatial data in hundreds of formats - while improving ef ciency, reducing costs and lowering risks

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