For the commitment to the Airborne Sensor Imagery sector, together with Intermap Technologies Inc, we at Sky-Shine Corporation able to provide IFSAR and LIDAR data  respectively to the end user requirement. Airborne Sensor data are more accurate position compare to the satellite sensor borne data. This type of data is very useful for users that concern accuracy is the top priority. Both sensors have their market business industry that comply each other.

Interferometric  Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) is a radar technique that attach as Air Borne Sensor. At Sky-Shine Corporation together with good relationship with Intermap Technologies Inc we able to provide the best available of the shelf 3D Terrain Information (Digital Elevation Model) for Malaysia in term of Digital Surface Model and Digital Terrain Model for the usage of Energy Application, Engineering Application, Telecommunication Application and Flood Plan Management. LIDAR, acronym for “Light Detection and Ranging “, is another airborne sensor technology that measures properties of scattered light to find range of a distant target. LIDAR data is very precise compare to IFSAR data.  This technology offers one of the most accurate, expedient and cost-effective ways to capture elevation information. LIDAR data is directly processed to produce detailed bare earth models in a variety of formats including LAS, ASCII, ESRI and CAD. Typical horizontal accuracies range between 15.0 cm to 100.0 cm. Typical vertical accuracies range between 9.24 cm and 18.5 cm for fixed wing aircraft. Mostly Lidar is widely used for high accuracy demand sector such Digital Elevation Model and Building Footprint marking and Height Measurement or any application that precise demanding