With colabrating with our principal Innovix Distribution Sdn Bhd , Sky-Shine is one of the leading providers of integrated IT solutions in Malaysia with a track record of success spanning more than half a century and a strong heritage in the region. Today, Sky-Shine prides itself on its expertise in enterprise IT solutions, helping customers to take advantage of the latest technologies such as cloud, big data and mobility solutions. With our long heritage in Malaysia, understanding of customer needs and proven technical knowhow, we aim to become the most trusted partner to businesses and governments across Malaysia enabling them to capitalise on emerging and establishd technologies. We power the growth of business and support the performance of governments in Malaysia major commercial hubs by:

  1. Understanding the unique challenges faced by each customer – one size does not fit all
  2. Recommending and implementing appropriate, innovative and proven technology solutions to address their challenges > Enabling customers to achieve tangible business outcomes We fulfill our Mission by drawing on our high quality technology consultancy, deep local and industry knowledge and experience, and our exceptional ability to execute



We can help our customers implement systems that enable them to improve decision making through the intelligence gained from the vast amounts of data available to an organisation. This includes all the data that flows in, out and across an organisation, as well as information available externally. It includes data from business applications that support marketing, sales, distribution and manufacturing operations as well as publicly available information as diverse as social media, industry and finiancial news, weather patterns or planning applications. Collecting, merging and analysing data from this wide range of sources allows us to improve organisational performance: big data can yield insights that deliver tangible business results, such as increasing sales, raising productivity or delivering higher quality products and services. Our expertise spans the whole range of big data capabilities, whether you require real-time data collection from across the organisation, secure storage for critical information, or easy-to-use tools to extract relevant intelligence and insights. We can bring together structured and unstructured data from inside and outside the organisation to better understand business patterns. Market leading data visualisation tools allow users to drag and drop data sources so that the software can hunt out correlations and trends. Our starting point is in gaining a thorough understanding of the unique circumstances of each customer’s business. From there, we will provide industry-specific consultancy on the most suitable big data solution for your organisation.

Deployment and Implementation Service Supported by a professional team and technical staff , our deployment service is well known for its wide vendor coverage and qualified expertise. For large-scale deployment projects, specialists will be assigned to review the customer’s environment, confirm pre-installation prerequisites, clarify pre-installation queries with the customer, and perform the installation. Value-added services such as image cloning (pre-load image copy to new PCs before delivery) and data migration services are available to cater to customers with more complex requirements. With proven methodologies and best practices, our implementation services span the full spectrum of enterprise-wide IT infrastructure and all sizes and complexity – including but not limited to networking, communications solutions, business applications, servers and storage systems.