• Sky-Shine Corporation has an outstanding track record of undertaking and executing geospatial projects specializing in GIS and RS Geospatial Solutions. Based on decades of knowledge and experiences, we are fully geared with committed and qualified team to meet the stringent demands of clients of all sizes.

  • We are the leading provider of advanced geospatial information products and services derived from the High Resolution (Maxar Technologies) Optical Satellite Imagery, Satellite Borne (RADARsat), Airborne Radar (IFSAR) data and LIDAR. Our extensive experience in successfully delivering information solutions for complex and demanding operations support has made us the primary source used by the Oil and Gas, Land and Maritime Surveillance, National Mapping, Aeronautical Information and Precision Farming markets.

  • Through the use of our comprehensive in-house resources, we can acquire data in the most ef cient possible to serve as the foundation of your GIS. Whether the acquisition will populate to a new GIS or update an existing GIS system as data is the fuel of any GIS. Through out our in house application tools GPS for GIS data collection become part of the circle. Mobility GIS collection become our main compo- nent during the data acquisition. We have experience in

  • Over the past sixteen years Sky-Shine Corp. has developed proven data conver-sion and quality control processes that ensure we deliver accurate and complete GIS data to our clients on time and on budget.

    At Sky-Shine we can convert or might your source data into any GIS Platform from